Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Daniela Norinder is recognized as one of the most creative designers of contemporary jewelry; she has lived in cosmopolitan cities such as London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico City and her passion for traveling has allowed her to know the work of experts in precious stones around the world, learning that has helped her create unique jewelry.

Her inspiration comes from German expressionism, characterized by geometric features, Art Deco, Victorian jewelery and countless trips during which she rescues trends from the cultures she knows and the places she visits.

What makes her work different is the implementation of various jewelery techniques and precious stones from Brazil and around the world. Pieces of unique colors such as tanzanite, paraiba, tourmaline, sapphire, rubellite, lapilazuli, coral and emerald.

Daniela's jewelry is designed for the contemporary woman, who cares about her beauty, luxury, elegance and sensuality, attractive and powerful women.