I was born in Sao Paulo, studied at the Geological Institute of America (GIA) .
I have lived in London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico City and traveled around the world meeting connoisseurs in precious stones which has given me the opportunity to create unique jewelry. I began designing pieces for myself ; soon my friends started asking me to lend them my jewelry to be worn in parties and weddings. This made me decide to open my shop and produce my pieces for sale with my special touch.

My creativity was inspired by the memories of my family┬┤s jewelry which I combined with my own creations. I also became inspired by other cultures and people I come accross in my travels.

My design depends on the stones I find and then the gem becomes a unique piece. I have the freedom to design unique pieces to fit each personality and have women feel and look as queens.

www.danielanorinder.com | daniela@danielanorinder.com | brasil 5511 98260 6060 | mexico 52 55 4325 0401